Betsy Brandt Speaks About Saul; Forbes Interviews Michael McKean

This week, Betsy Brandt talks about kind of, almost being on Better Call Saul, while Forbes interviews Michael McKean. Plus, EW shares which Breaking Bad actors it wants to see on Saul. Read on for more:

• Betsy Brandt speaks with EW about her canceled Saul scene with Michael McKean, saying, "In that moment, you know she’d be wearing purple and probably bitching at somebody… Would Marie ground herself before she touched him? Would they both be wearing the silver blankets?"

• Michael McKean tells Forbes the show's characters "tend to be the well-dressed monsters who are much more ruthless than any creation of Frankenstein or that howls at the moon. We are awful to each other in very polite ways."

Entertainment Weekly proposes "some Breaking Bad alums — besides the usual suspects — we’d love to see pop up on Saul." applauded Vince Gilligan's direction of the season finale, noting two scenes in particular that were "instances of wonderful visual storytelling that were terrifying and tense, and another reason why this show is so darned good."

• Interviewed by Forbes, Heather Marion, the season finale's co-writer, says, "The McGill men are con men. Sneaky. And patient. I don’t think I have any of those qualities."

• Rhea Seehorn tells Yahoo TV she and Jonathan Banks "would love to do a scene together, although there’s a part of me that wonders what it would be like — would it just be like a weird staring contest? Because they’re both very kind of silent, staring people. It could be the longest silent scene ever."

Gold Derby asserts that Rhea Seehorn's "work this year as Jimmy’s aggrieved companion was exceptional...It cemented Seehorn as the show’s unsung hero in much the same way Anna Gunn‘s Skyler White became Breaking Bad’s moral center."

Vulture describes Better Call Saul as "the warmest, sweetest tragedy on TV — as unsettling as [FX's] The Americans, but sneakier, because it’s so colorful and funny."

• Discussing Howard with, Patrick Fabian says, "Me and Chuck, that dynamic and who has the power - and I think it moves back and forth - is really the key to who Howard is, and I love exploring that and figuring out what's going on with that."

The Week lauds Better Call Saul, which "got deeper in its themes and more ambitious in its storytelling" during Season 2.

• Aaron Paul says to Collider he's up for a Saul appearance: "I know that if it happens, it’s going to be for the right reasons. They’ll certainly do it the right way. They’re not just going to throw Jesse in, just to throw him in. It’s gotta make sense to the story."

• Speaking with Konbini, Bryan Cranston adds, "So yes, if Vince Gilligan called me today and told me: 'I want you to be in Better Call Saul, I would say yes before he could finish asking me! It hasn’t happened yet though."

Bustle shares some Better Call Saul theories "based on where we already know things are headed."

The Wall Street Journal talks to Steve Huff, author of Don’t Go to Jail! Saul Goodman’s Guide to Keeping the Cuffs Off, and he says Saul is "a great negotiator and is always working for the best interest of the person paying him to do the job."

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