Ashleigh Cummings Talks With Decider; So Many Shows Interviews Jami O'Brien

This week, Ashleigh Cummings chats with Decider about Vic and Manx, while So Many Shows interviews Jami O'Brien. Plus, gets Virginia Kull's thoughts on playing Vic's mom. Read on for more:

• Speaking with Decider about Vic's face-off with Manx, Ashleigh Cummings says, "I really wanted to play with a lack of simplicity in her journey … The multi-dimensionality of her experience and conflicting emotions and feelings because part of that meeting for me is that there is this spark. There’s a connection."

• Interviewed by So Many Shows, Jami O'Brien says she likes when fans identify with Vic, "with her background, the obstacles she faces, her insecurities, and, hopefully, her courage. Vic McQueen is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time and I just love, love, love hearing when folks can relate to her."

• Virginia Kull tells that working with Ebon Moss-Bachrach, "where we're having knock-down, drag-out brawls and fights and screaming at each other were some of the most invigorating and fun scenes to play. I mean, it just is electric. I would leave set just buzzing."

• On The Paste Podcast, Zachary Quinto calls Manx "profoundly misunderstood and feels really alienated and there's a series of events that lead him to this point at which we meet him, and I think that my responsibility as an actor is to trace that journey back to the beginning to see where things went wrong."

• According to The AU Review, which calls NOS4A2 "one of the most addictive shows of the year," Zachary Quinto says the show's unique because there's "this real grounded family connection that Vic shares with her parents, and there’s this other worldly territory that Manx traverses, and draws people into."

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