Anson Mount Deconstructs Finale; John Wirth Interviewed by CarterMatt

This week, Anson Mount discusses the series finale, while John Wirth is interviewed by CarterMatt. Plus, Mount thanks the city of Calgary. Read on for more:

• "Allowing him to leave his battle behind, setting him free, opening up a new chapter that allows the audience’s imagination to work rather than closing it down. All I knew is when I was standing on the bow of that ship, I wanted to close my eyes and feel at peace with the sun in my face," Anson Mount says to Yahoo TV in a finale postmortem.

• John Wirth tells CarterMatt, "We had various endings of Cullen Bohannon dying, being killed, not surviving the railroad. We had the ending of him staying in Washington, we had the ending of him choosing to be a soldier, actually staying with the job that Grant gave him."

• In the Calgary Herald, Anson Mount thanks the city: "The hospitality shown to myself and to the rest of the visiting cast and crew of Hell on Wheels has been nothing less than exceptional... As the seasons went on and fortune continued to shine, the famous spirit of Alberta celebrated with us and arms just grew wider."

• The Lansing (Mich.) State Journal applauds the show's "superb finale."

Hidden Remote lauds the final season, commenting that "the writers and producers did exceptionally well with their final seven episodes and manage gratifying conclusions while not taking the easy road and coasting through to the end of the series."

2paragraphs notes that Tim Guinee is playing Dr. Brennan's therapist on FOX's Bones.

• For recaps and reviews of the series finale, "Done," check out CarterMatt, Channel Guide Magazine, Den of Geek, Hidden Remote, Paste, TV Fanatic, Vulture and Zap2it.

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