AMC Bosses Appreciate Comic Book Men Fan Base; Kevin Smith Biopic Getting Crowdsourced

This week, AMC's head honchos speak with TheWrap about Comic Book Men's fans, while a Kevin Smith biopic is getting the crowdsourcing treatment. Plus, Smith will be at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Read on for more:

• AMC's Charlie Collier and Joel Stillerman chat with TheWrap about Comic Book Men as "a show that's engendered a lot of passion" and has "touched a nerve with a lot of people out there, especially in the creative community."

• According to /film, two Kevin Smith fans have turned to crowdsourcing to fund a biopic of the director, a project that Smith endorses.

• Boise Weekly reports that Kevin Smith will appear at next month's Sun Valley Film Festival for a 20th anniversary screening of Clerks.

• For a recap of Season 3, Episode 11, "Pinheads," check out

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