A.V. Club Chats With Sonya Cassidy; Collider Recommends Lodge 49

This week, A.V. Club has a chat with Sonya Cassidy, while Collider recommends watching Lodge 49. Plus, Rolling Stone laments Lodge 49's, and Cassidy's, lack of Emmy love. Read on for more:

• Sonya Cassidy tells A.V. Club that Liz "has been dragging her feet through life a bit over the last year or so. And what’s interesting about Season 2 is that we are seeing her try to pick them up a little more. See what that feels like, and see where her feet take her."

Collider recommends catching up on Lodge 49, calling it "funny, occasionally dark, and very unique, but beyond that, it’s hard to define. Whatever it is, it’s certainly different. And worth the journey."

Rolling Stone, lamenting Lodge 49's lack of Emmy nods, declares that "man is Sonya Cassidy wonderful on that show."

Vents Magazine calls Lodge 49 the best show on TV right now because it's "a unique show, incredibly idiosyncratic and wonderful. Lodge 49 is funny, but also eccentric and actually has some stuff to say about the modern economy. It also looks amazing. The show is beautiful and shot really well. It's full of excellent performances."

Red Dirt Report wonders if "the mention of a 'brain cloud' in this most recent episode [Estrella y Mar] of Lodge 49 was a tip-o-the-cap to the excellent and misunderstood Joe Versus the Volcano."

eurweb shares an exclusive clip from this week's latest episode, "Circles."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 6, "Circles," check out A.V. Club and Show Snob.

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