A Foodie’s Guide to The Walking Dead Universe

Survival in The Walking Dead Universe requires a strong stomach, and an appetite for doing whatever is necessary. A penchant for spaghetti or a nice cobbler also doesn’t hurt.

While the survivors in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead spend most of their time trying not to become walker food, they also understand the importance of actual food, both for survival and for bringing communities together. (Sometimes a tasty vat of pudding perfectly hits the spot.) Read on for a tribute to beet and acorn cookies, “crazy cheese,” and other mouthwatering “noms” in The Walking Dead Universe.


Cookies With Carol


One of the highlights of Season 5 of The Walking Dead was “Stepford Carol,” the perky, smiley “cool mom next door” persona that Carol adopted in order to blend in with the Alexandrians. A stint in suburbia allowed Carol to showcase her baking skills, and hungry Alexandrians like Sam got to sample her delicious cookies. Ever the resourceful chef, Carol made acorn and beet cookies with a delightful pink color to ingratiate herself with her new neighbors. The ploy worked, and her cookies were such a hit, Sam came looking for more while Carol was looking for guns in the storeroom. Thankfully for Carol, Sam’s sweet tooth was so strong, he took the offer of a batch of cookies in exchange for not telling anyone about what he saw. (He also wanted to avoid being tied to a tree as a walker snack.) Her cookies were so popular, the recipe was released for fans to make their own tasty batch. The secret ingredient is applesauce, plus a teaspoon of salt. Like Carol, the cookies are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.


Jim’s Beer


As the successful brewer behind Augie’s Ale, Jim understood that history is built on beer. He believed in the power of the combination of grain, hops, yeast, and water to bring the world together during difficult times. Before he made the ultimate sacrifice to save his comrades, Jim shared his secret recipe for Augie’s Ale with Sarah. Jim’s beer lived on thanks to Sarah, who renamed the frothy brew “Jimbo’s Beerbos” in his honor. In addition to being tasty, Jim’s beer also proved to be life-saving, curing antifreeze poisoning and providing Strand and Charlie with a means of rescuing their friends in the form of an Augie’s Ale hot air balloon.


Negan’s Spaghetti


One of the most epic Negan moments occurred when everyone’s favorite bad guy whipped up an impeccable spaghetti dinner for Carl, while lying in wait for Rick to return to Alexandria. Whether it’s wine, women, or a good sturdy bat, Negan appreciates the finer things. So when he takes a deep whiff of the sauce and exclaims “Damn that smells good,” it’s clear that Carl is in the presence of a serious gourmand. Negan’s Italian feast led to one of his funniest quips telling Rick that even though Carl machine gunned a bunch of his men, he brought the little fella home safe and sound and fed him spaghetti.


Jerry’s Cobbler


Jerry is a man of many tastes who loves to boogie down to a funktastic tune, and the one thing he can’t get enough of is a scrumptious cobbler. During Carol’s “me time” living alone in her cabin, she received a surprise visit from King Eziekel and his crew who were clearly some nearby Wasted. But a visit from Jerry wouldn’t be complete without some tasty cobbler, which the jolly fellow happily gives to Carol. Watch out Uber Eats,“Jerry’s Cobbler Delivery” is the next hit food delivery app.


Carl’s Pudding


In the Season 4 episode “After,” Carl’s having a tough time after a fight with Rick and could really use a snack break. He sure gets one when he leaves his pop and ventures out on a solo supply run. After narrowly escaping a walker, Carl loses his shoe but gains a large helping of pudding. It’s every kid’s dream to dig into an entire school cafeteria size vat of rich chocolate pudding, and Carl gets all that sweet goodness to himself as he happily eats on the roof safe from the angry walker’s grasp.


Michonne’s Crazy Cheese


Before his life was tragically cut short, Carl developed a deep bond with Michonne. Whether it was cereal or Big Cat candy bars, the source of the pair’s connection often came in edible form. In the Season 4 episode “Claimed,” Michonne attempts to cheer Carl up by introducing him to the wonders of squirtable Crazy Cheese. After finding an unopened canister of foamy cheesy deliciousness, Michonne sprays a big gob in her mouth in the hopes of making Carl laugh. The sweet scene was one of Michonne’s funniest moments, and an early sign that Carl and the brooding swordswinger with a sly sense of humor would become fast friends.


Rick’s Chili Mac N’ Cheese


Rick and Michonne shared many meals together, but few were as romantic (or well-earned) as their candlelit military rations feast. While scavenging for guns, Rick and Michonne accidentally fall through the roof of a school and discover boxes filled with ready-to-eat meal bags. Over dinner, Rick presents Michonne with the ultimate foodie score -- a ready-to-eat bag of chili mac and cheese. I mean, come on! Chili and mac ‘n cheese together? That’s some good eatin’.


Enid’s Turtle


“JSS” opens with a harrowing flashback sequence revealing Enid’s tragic origin. After losing her parents and being forced to fend for herself, Enid wanders the land and scrawls her motto “JSS” (“Just survive somehow”) in various places. Sustenance comes in the form of a passing turtle, which a hungry Enid messily devours. She later removes its bones to form the letters “JSS.” Proof that Enid was willing to do anything to survive, even if it meant dining on turtle sushi.


Daryl’s Snake Meat Surprise


The Season 4 episode “Still,” finds Beth and Daryl scrounging for food after being run out of the prison. When squirrel meat can’t be had, resourceful Daryl kills a snake and carves the slithery serpent up for some tasty reptile jerky. Runner-up: The peanut butter and jelly, pig’s feet, and diet soda Beth and Daryl find in a kitchen, which Daryl hilariously dubs “the white trash brunch.”


Dwight’s Egg Sandwich


The Season 7 episode “The Cell” begins with a montage (set to “Town Called Malice” by The Jam) showing Dwight going about his daily routine in the Sanctuary. Along the way, he confiscates mustard and pickles from another Savior, and collects lettuce, tomato, and eggs from the farmers. These items become the ingredients of Dwight’s mouthwatering fried egg sandwich, which he enjoys with satisfaction as hungry guard walkers salivate outside the gates. Dwight’s perfect egg sandwich is a stark contrast to the stomach-churning dog food sandwiches he makes for the imprisoned Daryl. It’s a gastronomic insult to Daryl’s considerable injury.