’80s Playlist for Halt and Catch Fire’s Sara Wheeler Now on Spotify

A freelance journalist of keen intellect and wide curiosity, Sara Wheeler has worked hard to forge her own path in life without relying on her father's wealth. Along the way, she's managed to sweep Joe MacMillan off his feet and is helping to steer his life in a new direction. But who is Sara Wheeler? Is she the free thinker that listens to the ethereal pop tunes of This Mortal Coil as she hammers on her typewriter? Is she the romantic who sways to Sting while looking at the stars? A perusal of her personal Spotify playlist -- curated by Halt and Catch Fire's music supervisor Thomas Golubić and his team at SuperMusicVision -- tells us that she's all of these things and more. Listen to Sara's '80s playlist now -- including a bonus commentary track from Golubić and his team member Michelle Johnson -- then click here to check out to even more Halt and Catch Fire playlists.

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1. Orange Juice, “Bridge”

2. Leonard Cohen, “Dance Me to the End of Love”

3. Joan Armatrading, “Drop the Pilot”

4. Let's Active, “Every Word Means No”

5. The Bangles, “Hero Takes a Fall (Single Remix)”

6. The Three O'Clock, “Jetfighter”

7. Yaz, “Nobody's Diary”

8. Spandau Ballet, “Only When You Leave (2010 Remastered Version)”

9. This Mortal Coil, “Song to the Siren”

10. Fine Young Cannibals, “Don't Ask Me to Choose”

11. Laurie Anderson, “Gravity's Angel”

12. Altered Images, “Don't Talk to Me About Love”

13. Bryan Ferry, “Windswept”

14. The Golden Palominos, “(Kind Of) True”

15. Lone Justice, “Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)”

16. This Mortal Coil, “Another Day”

17. The Motels, “Remember the Nights”

18. X, “Watch the Sun Go Down”

19. The Style Council, “A Man of Great Promise”

20. Sade, “Never As Good As the First Time”

21. Joan Armatrading, “Cool Blue Stole My Heart”

22. Sting, “Fortress Around Your Heart”

23. Suzanne Vega, “Freeze Tag”

24. Pretenders, “Show Me”

25. The Textones, “Standing in the Line”

26. The Colourfield, “Take”

27. Tears for Fears, “I Believe”

28. Simply Red, “Holding Back the Years