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Welcome to’s new blog covering SciFi films, television and other media. …

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Tackling the Tough Issues

Mind-blowing talk at the Museum of the Moving Image this weekend.  Movie critics spoke about our genre of choice in such a clear and intelligent way, it was pretty inspirational.  I tell you, those who were not there should hold…

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Introducing AMC’s new horror video series, The Horror Department, updated Fridays — with Monsterfest’s Todd Ravenface. Want to watch more shows or video not playing?  Click here….

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Giant Monsters and the Psychology of Hiding

“Monster: Misshapen creature; prodigy; horribly cruel or savage person; huge object.” – Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology Monsters come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But however important the “horribly cruel” and/or “savage” varieties have become in recent cinema,…

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News Roundup: Horror Spy Kid

It’s the Saw IV poster art!  So clean and yet so messy. Speaking of Saw, sequels director Darren Lyn Bousman has cast all grown-up Spy Kids star Alex Vega in his upcoming horror rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera. …

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Giant Monsters on the Streets of LA: This Means D-War!

Please take a moment to remember the name of this blog.  It’s Monsterfest, not Kittenfest or Derek Jeterfest, but Monsterfest.  It’s actually been a while since we’ve had a giant monster storm the streets of a major American city,…

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Castlevania: Anderson Out, White In

To cheer or to boo?  Video game vampire lovers aren’t sure how to feel. That’s because long-time video game fave "Castlevania" won’t be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson after all, according to Variety.  Though Anderson’s work on the screenplay…

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Fear Friday … Pinata: Survival Island

Check out on AMC tonight’s Fear Friday screening of Pinata: Survival Island at 12:30 am, followed by The Beast Must Die at 2:15 am. In these camp classics, first, Jamie Pressly does her best to make it "so bad it’s…

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Fido’s Andrew Curry: Zombie Lover

A zombie world, a real one?  It can happen.  Especially in director Andrew Currie’s mind. Currie’s upcoming “Fido” is a deadly humorous zombie flick in the vein of “Shaun of the Dead.”  Taking place during the 50s, when the…

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The next on air presentation of DVD_TV is Batman, Sunday, July 1 @ 8P | 7C, and stay tuned for the enhanced version at 10:30P | 9:30C. Michael Keaton plays Batman in this dark thriller as he battles arch-nemesis…

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