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Everybody “Limbo”! A Conversation with First-Time Director Thomas Ikimi

Adam Moses (Christopher Russo) is a lawyer whose latest case gets him into more trouble than he bargains for. A run in with Tony Tachinardi (George Morafettis), and an unusual encounter on a city rooftop changes his world completely. Adam…

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Busting the Blockbusters? The 2005 Independent Film Festival of Boston

Although this year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston wrapped some two months ago, discussing its entries — and presence — seems as timely as ever. While the movie industry sits in an extended financial slump with the year’s ‘biggest’ films…

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Doctorin’ the Tardis: “Doctor Who” on DVD, Part One

If you grew up in the ’70s or ’80s, and your parents extolled the virtues of PBS broadcasting over cheap japanimation, then you are no doubt familiar with Doctor Who. For those of us who fall into this broad generational…

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Top 40 “Short Take” Movie Moments

We all have our favorite movie scenes. Brando’s speech in Apocalypse Now. The vistas in Lawrence of Arabia. The cornfield showdown in North By Northwest. Nicholson’s duel with Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The pod race…

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The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies

Sometimes a movie is only worth watching for its stars — and sometimes a star is only memorable for his or her voice. thought this phenomenon was so peculiar that we decided to rank the top 100 movie star…

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Madman: A Conversation with Andy Garcia

In the film Modigliani, Andy Garcia plays the tortured Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, who was renowned during his lifetime for his wild lifestyle and celebrated after his death for his vast contribution to the world of art. The story takes…

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The Last Festival: The 2005 Tribeca Film Festival

Local real estate brokers may argue with you, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that by the spring of 2005, the downtown Manhattan area, TriBeCa especially, had mostly recovered from the economic and psychological devastation wrought by 9/11….

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The Ballad of Daniel Day-Lewis

In The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Daniel Day-Lewis plays Jack, an altruistic man who lives on an island which once housed a commune, along with his teenage daughter Rose (Camilla Belle). Not only does Rose’s budding womanhood concern him,…

Read More’s 50 Most Quotable Movie Lines of All Time

‘Inconceivable!’ Nothing’s more fun than quoting a good movie line. Except for lawn darts, that is. But this is a movie website, and dag nabbit, we’re gonna quote some movies. Recently we polled the contributing staff to see what…

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The 2004 Media that Matters Film Festival

In an age of creeping corporate consolidation and growing distrust of media, democratization seems like a good idea. If the objectivity of journalists and the agendas of editors and network suits aren’t yet sufficiently in doubt, what else can explain…

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