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New CREEPSHOW DVD Release Creeping Up On US

U.S. fans of George Romero’s Creepshow (1982) have been living with a barebones DVD release from Warner Bros. that has become a bargain bin perennial over the years.  But fans may yet hope for a new release with all…

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The Year in Film – 1998

Insert preface here about what a great year for film 1998 was, restored hopes in Hollywood (with a whopping four major studio pictures on my top ten list), resolutions about seeing movies in a more timely fashion and being less…

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20 Films That Deserve Another Look

The 20 pictures on the following list have several things in common. First, for the most part, they all died at the box office. Second, while a few have become cult favorites, they all remain essentially forgotten by video renters….

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Faster! Faster! Russ Meyer! – The Old Devil Speaks!

‘It’s just a lot of hard, sweaty work. And I love it.’ Director Russ Meyer is blunt and vocal about what it’s like on the set of his movies. The controversial visionary behind such films as Mondo Topless, Supervixens, and…

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