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Best Christmukkah Ever: Build Your Very Own AMC Dreidel

At this point in our Best Christmas Ever marathon, you’ve probably watched Elf or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation three or four times. And while those holiday favorites certainly stand up to countless viewings, we thought you might like to try something different – like gambling!

Introducing the AMC dreidel! For those of you who don’t celebrate Hanukkah, it’s a tradition with a badass origin story. The Maccabees, a small rebel army, were able to defeat a huge Syrian army and retake their sacred temple, the Second Temple of Jerusalem. (Kind of like how Rick’s group defeated the saviors on The Walking Dead, or how Preacher’s Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy defeated the Grail or when Sunny finally gains control of the Badlands. You get the picture.) Plus, there’s the whole legend that one day’s supply of oil ended up lasting eight days.

So now, the annual Festival of Lights is all about lighting the symbolic Menorah and enjoying eight crazy nights of celebration, chocolate gelt coins, and of course, the beloved dreidel. Playing dreidel is simple. Just take turns spinning that top and see where you land. Once you spin the dreidel, your bounty will be dictated by the side your dreidel lands on.

That’s where we come in. We reimagined the Hebrew letters as AMC characters. If you land on the letter Nun, you’ll go down like Negan: empty-handed and bummed. If you get the Gimmel, you’re in luck! Just like Slippin’ Jimmy, you’ll get the full megillah. Land on the Hay? Like Eve, you’ll have your hands full… with half the bounty. And if you’re as selfless as Alicia, you’ll be totally cool with putting one in when you land on Shin.

So, what are you waiting for? Print out this PDF, get out your old school supplies and assemble your dreidel. Then, put on our ever-burning Menorah Log and spin your heart out. And, if you lose all your gelt early in the game, play a round of Plot or Not and see how well you know the other movies available as part of Best Christmas Ever. Shalom!

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