Episode 6 Sneak Peek — Nacho Learns What the Drug Game Is Really About

Posted by Marissa Shapiro on May 15, 2017

Since Tuco was hauled off to jail in Season 2, Nacho has been climbing the ranks with Hector Salamanca. Now, Nacho’s the one that counts the money from Hector’s dealers, and things get a little awkward when one of Nacho’s friends — Domingo, a.k.a. Krazy-8 from Breaking Bad — comes up short on cash.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 6 Now.

When Domingo begs for a chance to make it up next week, Nacho mercifully agrees. But, once the dealer walks out the door, Hector has something to say: “Who works for who?”

See how Nacho handles Hector’s quiet demand in this sneak peek of an all-new Better Call Saul tonight at 10/9c.

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