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Saddle Up for AMC’s John Wayne Saturday Marathon With Trivia, Games and Photos Online

It’s a full day of Westerns with AMC’s John Wayne Saturday. All day you can catch the Duke (and his iconic cowboy hat) in a four-film marathon that culminates in a 45th anniversary showing of True Grit. Check out the full schedule, then prep your chaps with all things John Wayne online…


John Wayne
Can you name the film that granted Wayne his one and only Oscar? Play now.

True Grit
Which actress was originally cast in the role of Mattie Ross? Play now.


John Wayne’s Best Movies
Wayne has had lead roles in 142 movies – more than any other actor. Which movie was truly his best? Vote now.

John Wayne’s Finest Westerns
Westerns are what John Wayne is known for. In fact, Wayne helped define the genre. Which film wins out against the others?  Vote now.

John Wayne’s Last Ten Westerns
Was his role as J.B. Books better than Jacob McCandles? You decide. Vote now.


Toughest John Wayne Character
Most of John Wayne’s characters have that tough-guy appeal. But how does Wayne stack up against himself? Vote now.


John Wayne Photos
This gallery features shots of John Wayne that highlight the diversity of his roles besides the usual cowboy. View photos.

John Wayne’s Western Road Trip
Like many of the characters he played, Wayne traveled all over the Western United States to film many of his movies. View photos.


The Duke’s Top Ten Philosophical Quotes
Wayne was notorious for his quippy movie one-liners, but quotes like, “All battles are fought by scared men who’d rather be some place else,” were downright thought-provoking. Read more.

Story Notes for True Grit
Which co-star did Wayne have a tough time getting along with during filming? Find out with Story Notes. Read more.

Tune in to AMC’s John Wayne this Saturday, August 16 at 10:01AM/9:01C.

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