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Run Forrest, Run! Be Sure to Catch Him On-Air and Online During Gump Week

Not only did he teach Elvis how to dance, Forrest Gump is an all star college football player, decorated Vietnam War veteran, international ping-pong champion, respected shrimp boat captain and a cross country marathon runner. Not too shabby for a man who began life in rural Alabama with an IQ of 75. This Monday, April 14, AMC kicks off Gump Week beginning  7/6c. Over the next six days you have thirteen chances to catch up with the blissfully simple Forrest (Tom Hanks), his true love Jenny (Robin Wright) and his wise, supportive Mama (Sally Field). Want even more of Gump and its stars? Check out…

Ultimate Fan Games
Forrest Gump UFG
After becoming a ping-pong champ, Forrest appears on which talk show? Play game

Tom Hanks UFG
Tom Hanks got his start acting in what low-budget slasher film? Play game

Sally Fields UFG
Sally Field starred in the sequel to which 1970s disaster movie? Play game

Story Notes
Story Notes for Forrest Gump
Which cast member had two close calls with venomous snakes during shooting? Find out with Story Notes

Underdog Tournament
Which classic movie underdog is your favorite? Vote now

Photo Gallery
Tom Hanks
From Forrest Gump to Saving Private Ryan to The Green Mile, take a look at Tom Hanks in his most popular roles. View photos

Movie Lists
Movies Where Innocence Triumphs
Sometimes good does prevail. How would you rank these films? Vote now

Best Tom Hanks Movie List
Two Oscars, four Golden Globes and five Emmys. He does amazing work, but which Tom Hanks movie is your favorite? Vote now

Click here for a full schedule of Forrest Gump.

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