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How Well Do You Know The Godfather Cast?

A movie needs a few key ingredients to become a classic: A gripping plot, rich cinematography, insightful direction and of course, a flawless cast. The Godfather trilogy has all that, and with its large star-studded cast, you could argue that it has all that, and then some. Play these Godfather Ultimate Fan Games to see how well you know ALL the talent associated with this mob movie masterpiece.

Al Pacino
The same year Pacino won an Academy Award for Scent of a Woman, he was also nominated for which movie? Take Quiz

Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia stars in which movie with his real-life daughter? Take Quiz

James Caan
Which Godfather pic landed Caan an Oscar nomination? Take Quiz

Marlon Brando
Which role earned Brando a Guinness World Record for highest-paid actor? Take Quiz

Robert De Niro
What is De Niro’s first gangster flick? Take Quiz

Robert Duvall
Before striking it big, Duvall was roommates with which Oscar winner? Take Quiz

Sofia Coppola
Which movie was Sofia Coppola’s big screen debut? Take Quiz

Talia Shire
Talia Shire’s older brother is actually a famous director. Name him! Take Quiz

Know all the actors? How about the director…
Francis Ford Coppola
Coppola lost 100 pounds during the filming of which movie? Take Quiz

The Godfather Weekend begins Sat., Jan 25 at 9AM/8c.

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