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Football Fans and Movie Fans, It’s Time to Come Together at AMC

Are you ready for football on AMC and You better be because this Saturday at 8/7c, you’ve got plenty of bone-crushing tackles, inspirational speeches and fourth quarter heroics when AMC airs back-to-back showings of Remember the Titans. Want even more ways to celebrate your favorite football movies? Score!

Rate Your Favorites
Top Football Movies
Is Remember the Titans the best of all time? (Answer: Yes!) Vote now!

Football Movie Team Tournament
Who’d you cheer for if the playoffs were the Titans, Rudy‘s Fighting Irish and 14 other squads?

Movie Performances by Football Players
Which NFL star gives the most winning performance? Brett Favre? Terry Bradshaw? Make the call.

Test Your Expertise
Football Movies Ultimate Fan Game
Which football flick stars an actual U.S. President? Take the quiz to find out!

Football Movies Photo Quiz
Can you recognize a sports pic just by seeing a college/NFL jersey? Prove it!

Learn More
Football Movie Tips for Rookie Quarterbacks
What next year’s draft class should learn from Any Given Sunday and North Dallas Forty?

Click here for a full schedule of Remember the Titans on AMC.

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