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8 Movies, 7 Quizzes and 6 Fun Facts for Steven Seagal Fans

Since the late ’80s, Steven Seagal has been taking down CIA operatives, drug dealers and dirty cops on the big screen. This week, AMC pays homage to the Hollywood hero with Seagal Week, five days of action-packed hits from Above the Law to Under Siege. Want even more of your favorite tough guy?

Test Your Expertise
Steven Seagal Ultimate Fan Game
Seagal is a master of which type of martial arts? Take the quiz!

Steven Seagal Quotes Ultimate Fan Game
“I don’t have rage. I’m a happy guy.” Name the Seagal movie.

Above the Law Ultimate Fan Game
Above the Law was originally written for which action star? Guess who.

Under Siege Ultimate Fan Game
Know why Seagal cut his signature ponytail in Under Siege? Play the Ultimate Fan Game to find out.

Exit Wounds Ultimate Fan Game
Which Seagal trademark is missing from Exit Wounds? It’s not Aikido.

Hard to Kill Ultimate Fan Game
What was the original title of Hard to Kill? Know the answer?

Out for Justice Ultimate Fan Game
Which song did Seagal write for the movie’s soundtrack? (Yes, he’s a musician.)

Rate Your Favorites
Steven Seagal’s Best Movies
He’s battled pimps, pushers and Tommy Lee Jones. Which Steven Seagal movie is your favorite?

Learn More
Six Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Seagal
He’s a black belt and a deputy sheriff in Louisiana. But here are some facts you may not have known about the man behind the action star.

Click here for AMC’s complete Steven Seagal Week schedule.

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