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There’s Plenty of Friday the 13th On-Air and Online During AMC Fearfest

AMC Fearfest continues with a Friday the 13th Marathon featuring eight different Jason flicks. Does being chased by a crazy killer in a hockey mask leave you screaming for more? Then extend your Friday the 13th experience online:

Test Your Expertise
Friday the 13th Ultimate Fan Game
Know which famous actress auditioned for the role of Jason’s first victim, Alice Hardy?

Jason Voorhees Ultimate Fan Game
Know which actor plays Jason Voorhees the most times?

Rate Your Favorite
Friday the 13th Movie List
Just like Jason himself, the Friday the 13th franchise keeps coming back for more. Pick the best of the 12 movies in the franchise.

Best Friday the 13th Murder Scenes
While Jason’s Signature weapon is a machete, he is no stranger to a bloody ice pick, knife or axe. Weigh in on these Friday the 13th kill scenes.

Click here for the full AMC Fearfest schedule

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