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The Pitch Interview – The Fuller Brush Company CEO David Sabin Explains Why He Picked the Winning Agency

In the Season 2 Finale of The Pitch, two ad agencies competed to win the business of The Fuller Brush Company. So why did Fuller Brush CEO David Sabin select The Monogram Group‘s campaign?

“They really understood the Fuller Brush brand and exactly where we’re heading,” explains David. “They were really great about doing focus studies and they understood our consumer.”

David’s esteem for The Monogram Group began with his visit to their offices. “We had the opportunity to meet the full team, not just [partners] Jackie, Harold and Scott. That whole team came across to us as a collective personality that I felt our team would work best with. At some point you have to blend the personalities between both organizations.”

The pitch itself presented an usual set of circumstances when both teams presented the same tagline, “Live Fuller.” So what was it about Monogram’s presentation that attracted David to their campaign? “I think we understood the plan of action that Monogram came up with. We felt that the Monogram team did a better job of presenting it to us.”

David also felt the fact that both agencies presented the same tagline was a bonus. “It made us feel really good, because it made the tagline they created stronger. The fact that both agencies came up with it gave more support to the prospect of using it.”

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