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Feed Your Addiction for All Things Pulp Fiction

Having trouble containing your excitement about Pulp Fiction on AMC Mob Week? Who can blame you? After all, it is the movie that resurrected John Travolta’s career, made Quentin Tarantino a household name, brought Bruce Willis back as a bad-ass and breathed new life into the gangster pic genre. So if the anticipation around watching it on air feels too much to bear,  relax for a sec and submerse yourself in all things Pulp Fiction online…

Pulp Fiction
Which iconic prop was stolen during production? Know the item? Take the quiz!

Quentin Tarantino
Which Tarantino flick uses 450 gallons of fake blood? Know the movie? Take the quiz!

John Travolta
Thurman was originally cast in which role Take the quiz!

Samuel L. Jackson
Which movie’s soundtrack features a song written and performed by Jackson? Know the movie? Take the quiz!

Uma Thurman
Which director referred to Thurman as his muse? Know who? Take the quiz!

Bruce Willis
Which movie’s special effects budget was the highest ever at the time of its release? Know the flick? Take the quiz!

Favorite Samuel L. Jackson Moments in Pulp Fiction
Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington and other celebs share their favorite Jackson scenes. Watch now!

Top Five Things That Could Be in the Pulp Fiction Briefcase

You’ve heard all the theories. Here’s a look at the five most plausible possibilities. Read more.

Quentin Tarantino’s Best Movies
Pulp Fiction currently holds the top spot as Tarantino’s best flick. Do you agree? Vote now!

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