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AMC Mob Week Wraps Up With a Bang With The Departed On Air (and More About It Online)

Jack Nicholson. Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio. AMC Mob Week is bringing out the big guns for its finale this Sun., Aug. 18 at 4:30PM | 3:30c with the Oscar-winning gangster flick The Departed.  What’s the best way to get all gangsta for the weekend? Why, how about…

The Departed
What did Jack Nicholson refuse to wear during filming? Know the article of clothing? Take the quiz!

Martin Scorsese
What was Scorsese’s first feature-length movie? Know the mob flick? Take the quiz!

Jack Nicholson
Which director has Nicholson worked with a record seven times? Take the quiz!

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio made his movie debut in which horror flick? Know the movie? Take the quiz!

Mark Wahlberg
Who was originally offered Wahlberg’s breakthrough role? Know the competition? Take the quiz!

Martin Scorsese’s Best Movies
Currently, GoodFellas ranks at the top as Scorsese’s best film. Do you agree? Vote now!

Don’t miss AMC Mob Week: Click here for full schedule.

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