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Just in Time for Rawhide, All Things Cowboy Clint Eastwood Online

On Sat., Apr. 20, AMC adds Rawhide to its AMC Cowboys lineup Saturday mornings. For those who don’t know already, that Western TV series is responsible for making Clint Eastwood a star. Want more Clint Eastwood?


Clint Eastwood
Prior to becoming a Western icon, Eastwood was in two low-budget horror flicks. Name them. Play game.

Know Eastwood’s breakthrough series as well as his movie career? Play game.


Clint Eastwood in Rawhide
Get a gander at a very young Eastwood in the role that would make him a star. View photos.

Clint Eastwood: Hollywood Icon
High Plains Drifter‘s the Stranger. Two Mules for Sister Sara‘s Hogan. Here’s a look at the motives of some of Clint’s best antiheroes. View photos.

Clint Eastwood’s Cowboy
From the righteous (Hang ‘Em High) to the ruthless (Pale Rider), here’s a visual tour through the many hats Clint has worn. View photos.


Clint Eastwood’s Best Movies
The Outlaw Josey Wales rides into the top five. Decide what else makes the cut. Vote now.

Clint Eastwood’s Westerns
Pale Rider. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Which movie deserves the top spot? Vote now.

The Best Clint Eastwood Movies You’ve Never Seen
Everyone loves A Fistful of Dollars but which lesser-known Eastwood Western ranks as your favorite? Vote now.


Clint Eastwood Tournament
The Man With No Name. Josey Wales. Which Eastwood character kills the competition? Play game.


Clint Defines the Western — Past, Present and Future
For over five decades, Eastwood has led the way for the genre. How does he do it? Read more.

Click here for AMC’s full on-air schedule for Rawhide.

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