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5 Movies Later, It’s Time to Get Reacquainted with One of Scifi’s Great Monsters: The Predator

With his infrared vision, razor-sharp mandibles, and of course, his extraterrestrial dreadlocks, The Predator ranks as one of the greatest monsters in all scifi. Want to get better acquainted with this alien celebrity? Watch Predator and Predator 2 on AMC this weekend and show your devotion to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest rival with quizzes and a franchise fan poll.

1. Predator Ultimate Fan Games
What two substances mixed to create the Predator’s blood? How many crew members were needed to operate the Alien Queen in AVP: Alien vs. Predator? Find out the answers with these Ultimate Fan Games.
Predator Ultimate Fan Game

Predator Franchise Ultimate Fan Game

2. Predator Movies Ranking List
The Predator has battled with mankind (and in one instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger) in five movies so far. Which film in the franchise is your favorite?
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3. Story Notes for the Predator Movies
Do you know that some weird Predator sounds are created by squishing a sponge into a jar? Or that the creature’s scaly flesh is based on koi and locusts? Want more fun facts?

Read Story Notes for Predator
Read Story Notes for Alien vs. Predator

Click here for the full schedule of the Predator movies on AMC.

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