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Are You a Western Movies Fan With Strong Opinions? Check Out Ten Top Ten Western Lists

Looking for yet another reason to look forward to Christmas Day? How about the biggest Western stars of all time — the Duke, Eastwood, Mitchum — on-air all day during AMC’s Cowboys for Christmas, the Western movie marathon beginning with on Tue., Dec. 25 at 10AM/9c? Want to show your devotion for the movies and their stars now? Check out ten top ten Western-themed lists below. Then start voting.

1. What’s the greatest Western of all time? Vote now!

2. What’s John Wayne’s finest Western? Vote now!

3. What’s Clint Eastwood’s finest Western? Vote now!

4. What’s the top Western from the last decade? Vote now!

5. Which Western has the greatest shootout ever? Vote now!

6. What’s the sexiest Western? Vote now!

7. Who are the best Western duo? Vote now!

8. What’s Jame Stewart’s best Western? Vote now!

9. What’s Robert Duvall’s best Western? Vote now!

10. What’s Tommy Lee Jones’ best Western? Vote now!

Don’t miss AMC’s Cowboys for Christmas on Tue, Dec. 25, starting with Jeremiah Johnson at 10AM | 9c.

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