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The Godfather Fans Have Many Things to Be Thankful for This Holiday On-Air and Online

Here’s an offer no The Godfather fan can refuse: Spending Thanksgiving with the Corleone family! You’ll have the opportunity to do just that on Thu., Nov. 22 with Thanksgiving With Your Godfather, during which AMC will be airing The Godfather movies throughout the day. Consider it your opportunity to get better acquainted with the Corleones. Consider the content below another…


These movie trivia quizzes test your knowledge, award badges and incite you to challenge your Facebook friends.

The Godfather, Part I
The Godfather displaced which flick as the highest-grossing movie of all time? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

The Godfather, Part II
The scenes set in Cuba were actually shot in which country? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

The Godfather Trilogy
Which installment of The Godfather trilogy earned the most Oscars? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Al Pacino
Pacino was nominated for Oscars for which two movies the same year? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Diane Keaton
Keaton’s character Kay is the wife of which Corleone? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Francis Ford Coppola
Which movie earned Francis Ford Coppola Oscars for Best Director, Picture, and Screenplay? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando rose to fame in A Streetcar Named Desire co-starring which Hollywood legend? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Robert De Niro
What was De Niro’s first gangster flick? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Robert Duvall
What problem does Duvall solve for a senator in The Godfather: Part II? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

Talia Shire
Talia Shire’s older brother is which famous director? Know the answer? Take the quiz!

These interactive lists let you decide which movies are the best of the best.

Best Mob Movies
How would you rank The Godfather against GoodFellas and Scarface? Vote now!

Francis Ford Coppola’s Best Movies
Should The Godfather reign supreme above Apocalypse Now? Vote now!

Al Pacino’s Best Movies
Think The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are better than Scarface? Vote now!

Robert De Niro’s Best Movies
Taxi Driver, GoodFellas, The Godfather Part II? How do these pics stack up against each other? Vote now!

Robert Duvall’s Best Movies
Is The Godfather Duvall’s greatest movie? Or does that honor belong to To Kill a Mockingbird? Vote now!

Diane Keaton’s Best Movies
How does The Godfather measure up against flicks like Annie Hall and Reds? Vote now!

Eight mobsters fight each other for three rounds until there’s only one winner.

The Godfather Gangsters
Which mafioso is the true Don? And who will sleep with the fishes? Play now!

Tune in for Thanksgiving With Your Godfather on Thu., Nov. 22, starting at 11:30AM/10:30c.

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