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AMC’s Crazy About Stephen King With On-Air Movie Marathon and Online Games and Lists

The time has come to get repeatedly scared thanks to AMC’s Crazy About Stephen King. Starting today, Thu., Oct. 11 at 9am/8c, you can catch some of the master-of-the-macabre’s most frightening movies — Christine, Cujo, and Pet Sematary — during AMC’s two-day marathon on-air. Feel the need to prepare for the unending terror? Look no further.

These movie trivia quizzes test your knowledge and let you earn badges and challenge your friends on Facebook.

Stephen King
The horror master makes a cameo as the caretaker of a cemetery in which of his movies? Know the answer? Take quiz!

Why did King choose a ’58 Plymouth Fury as the make and model for Christine? Know the answer? Take quiz!

Which monster movie does director Lewis Teague cite as his biggest influence in making Cujo? Know the answer? Take quiz!

Pet Sematary
Which legendary horror auteur was originally set to direct Pet Sematary? Know the answer? Take quiz!

What prompts the Gypsy king to put a curse on Billy Halek and his friends in Thinner? Know the answer? Take quiz!

These interactive lists let you decide which movies are the scariest and/or the best.

Stephen King Movies
Considering his box office success both inside and outside the horror genre, what’s your favorite Stephen King movie of all time? Vote now!

Stephen King Horror Movies
For starters, what’s scarier — Thinner or The Dark Half? Vote now!

STORY NOTES compiles fun facts and trivia about your favorite movies.

Story Notes for Thinner
Did you know actor Robert Burke had on makeup for about 95% of the movie. Read more.

Story Notes for Christine.
Director John Carpenter started work on the movie before King’s book was even released. Read more.

Noteworthy, Stephen King related articles from the AMC Blog.

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen King
Were you aware that King will sell you the rights to his books for $1? And that’s not all. Read more.

Top Ten Reasons We Can’t Get Enough Stephen King
He advocates for the little guy. He recognizes the teachable moment. Let us count the ways that King is so awesome. Read more.

Want to watch some Stephen King? Click here for a full schedule of AMC’s Crazy About Stephen King.

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