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The First Friday the 13th May Be Your Favorite But How Do the Other 11 Installments Rank?

Over the last three decades, Friday the 13th‘s persistent psycho-killer Jason Voorhees has battled Freddy Krueger, been cryogenically frozen, and even taken a cue from the Muppets by taking Manhattan. And he keeps coming back for more. Is there anything as unstoppable as Voorhees? Why, yes….The appeal of the original movie. Every year, during AMC Fearfest, you’ve voted Friday the 13th as your favorite installment in the series. So where does that leave the rest of the sequels and reboots? Vote now!


Catch all the Friday the 13th installments during AMC Fearfest, starting with the original on Mon. Oct. 15at 8/7c.

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