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Summer’s Over – It’s Shark Attack Day on CSI: Miami

Everyone’s heard of Shark Week. But how about Shark Attack Day? On Wed., Sep. 26 AMC is devoting all its CSI: Miami programming to episodes featuring sharks. Given that Florida leads the country in unprovoked shark attacks, it doesn’t seem far fetched that this crime series would spotlight the state’s most feared creature.

This female shark victim worked as bait for a private investigator looking to catch adulterers. Though she only guest starred in this episode, Barbara Eve Harris went on to get a recurring role on the original series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2011-2012).

“Wet Foot/Dry Foot”
Castro. Cocaine. A corpse in the belly of a shark. Politics and drugs come into play when a group of fishermen catch a shark off the coast of Miami. This one’s from the show’s first season when Kim Delaney was in the cast.

“Blood in the Water”
A family is trapped on a yacht that’s slowly burning in shark-infested waters. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Guest star Joshua Leonard went on to star in Shark Night 3D.

“Open Water”
Bloodthirtsy sharks eat a honeymooner alive but who pushed the meal overboard? The ship’s first mate, the conniving wife or the jealous step-daughter? Sherilynn Fenn from Twin Peaks guest stars.

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