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Jon Hamm, Anson Mount and Aaron Paul Are Just a Few AMC Stars to Appear in CSI: Miami

Jon Hamm, a clean-shaven Anson Mount, and Aaron Paul are just a few of the familiar faces that fans of AMC’s original shows will see during CSI: Miami AMC Stars Week which starts this afternoon. Can’t imagine Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Epsosito as anyone else but Gus? Want to see Mireille Enos of The Killing on the other side of the law? Here’s your chance to become better acquainted with AMC’s serious talent…

Tue., Aug. 14 at 4PM | 3C (“Down to the Wire”)
Mireille Enos may play a detective on The Killing but here she’s on the other side of an interrogation table. 

Tue., Aug. 14 at 5PM | 5C (“Not Landing”)
In Hell on Wheels, Anson Mount is no stranger to trouble. But this time, he’s in modern-day Miami, not the Old West.

Tue., Aug. 14 at 6PM | 5C (“Payback”)
None other than Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm suits up for a very different profession — playing the role of a shady doctor.

Tue., Aug. 14 at 7PM | 6C (“Grave Young Men”)
Emmy-winner Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad guest stars as a kid who’s running with the wrong crowd.

Wed., Aug. 15 at 4PM | 3C (“Ambush”) & 5PM | 4C (“Rio)
Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito appears as Chief Braga, a role he debuted in 2006 (in “Rio”) then reprised two years later (in “Ambush”).

Wed., Aug. 15 at 6PM | 5C (“Dead Zone”)
Michael Rooker (a.k.a. Merle on The Walking Dead) trades in killing zombies for hunting sunken treasure — until his partner is murdered on the high seas.

Wed., Aug. 15 at 7PM | 6C (“Killer Date”)

Shane of The Walking Dead (Jon Bernthal) appears as Harry Klugman  — a recurring character actually.

Thu., Aug. 16 at 4PM | 3C (“Just One Kiss”)

Don’t let the name of the rape victim in the credits fool you: Jamie Brown is the maiden name of Jamie Anne Allman (Terry from The Killing).

Thu., Aug. 16 at 5PM | 4C (“Mayday”)

Yep, that serial killer is none other than Detective Linden’s fiancee/psychiatrist, Dr. Rick Felder (Callum Keith Rennie) from The Killing.

Thu., Aug. 16 at 6PM | 5C (“Mommie Deadest”)

Mark Moses first appeared as Herman “Duck” Phillips on Mad Men, then as Lt. Erik Carlson on The Killing. But at one point, he played a man who’s wife was beaten to death.

Thu., Aug. 16 at 7PM | 6C (“Special Delivery”)

He was Tuco Salamanca for two years on Breaking Bad. Here, Raymond Cruz plays a pivotal role as the neighbor of a murdered truck driver.

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