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Ready For The Walking Dead Weekend? Brush Up on All Things Zombie Before It’s Too Late

Watching Seasons 1 and 2 during The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend isn’t the only way to prepare for the return of undead this fall. Test your knowledge of all things zombie with these trivia games and ranking lists, too…


The Walking Dead Season 1 Trivia Game
Rick gets shot outside of the police station. What’s the name of the officer who pulled the trigger?

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trivia Game
Rick kills a Walker with a rock; Glenn uses a metal shelf. Who kills a walker with a screwdriver?


Favorite The Walking Dead Season 1 Episodes
The first episode with Rick awaking from a coma is currently ranked No.1. Which episode is your favorite from Season 1?

Favorite The Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes
The season finale currently holds the top spot of fan favorites from Season 2. Do you agree? Vote now.


Classic Zombie Movies Trivia Game
Director George Romero is considered by most to be the master of zombie movies. Which zombie flick was his first?

Modern Zombie Movies Trivia Game
In Planet Terror, after Rose McGowan’s leg is torn off by zombies, she replaces it with what weapon?


Best Zombie Flicks
Fast zombies, slow zombies, alien zombies: the permutations are boundless. Which is your favorite?

Best Movies With Zombies That Aren’t Zombies
They moan and they eat human flesh… but they’re not zombies. Rank these “not zombie” movies, from 28 Days Later to Night of the Creeps.

Best George Romero Movies
It’s no surprise that flicks from Romero’s Dead series take the top spots. But which movie from this zombie auteur do you think is the best?

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend starts Sat., Jul 7. Click here for more details and full schedule.

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