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Four Reasons to Celebrate the Fourth of July With Independence Day

Just about everybody celebrates America’s birthday with fireworks and BBQ but here are four compelling reasons why you should watch Independence Day, too, this Fourth of July.

1. Patriotism Is Taken to Intergalactic Levels
Few things ignite national righteousness as much as seeing the White House zapped by a spaceship does. Sure, other countries participate in the battle-to-the-death against the extraterrestrials, but it’s the American boys who eventually save the day.

2. Fireworks
Pyrotechnic displays here range from missile detonations to laser beam blasts to fiery cloud plumes. Indeed, the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air in this movie could make the “The Star-Spangled Banner” composer Francis Scott Key’s head spin.

3. A George Washington for Modern Times
Decorated in the military before becoming Commander-in-Chief, he knows how to lead a ragtag troupe against opponents greater in size and power. Who is he? George Washington, yes, but he’s also President Whitmore from Independence Day.

4. Ordinary Men Are True Heroes
The Founding Fathers get memorialized every Fourth but it’s worth remembering the fight for freedom was waged by everyday men. Here, crop-dusting pilot (Randy Quaid) and an air-sick scientist (Jeff Goldblum) are perfect examples of the power of the people.

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