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Crazy About Death Wish? You’ll Find Plenty Online and On-Air

Freaks, muggers, and dope peddlers are taking over the streets this Friday with AMC’s Crazy About Death Wish — during which AMC will broadcast all five movies in the franchise. Want to get into the head of Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson)? Knowledge is power! Feel the Death Wish spirit with…


Death Wish Movies
How well do you know the franchise? Do you know for instance what Paul Kersey does for a living?

Charles Bronson
Fun fact! Which Death Wish movie stars Charles Bronson’s wife, Jill Ireland?


Death Wish Movies
The original Death Wish holds the top spot as the sequels battle for second place. Cast your vote now!

Charles Bronson’s Best Movies
Are The Magnificent Seven and The Dirty Dozen really better than Death Wish? Only you can decide.


The Best Battles of Charles Bronson
Whether he’s playing the hero (Death Wish) or the villain (Machine-Gun Kelly), getting on Bronson’s bad side can be a fatal mistake.

Don’t miss AMC’s Crazy About Death Wish, starting on Fri., Jul. 27 at 6/5c.

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