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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Brad Pitt

It’s hard to believe that there is anything the public doesn’t know about one of the most surveyed men on the planet. But there are a few things about Brad Pitt that moviegoers may not be aware of — and just need to know. So in honor of AMC’s Crazy About Brad Pitt on Sat. Apr. 21, here are six facts that may have flown under your celebrity radar…

1. He’s Got a Pilot’s License
Recently, Pitt’s 10-year-old son Maddox made headlines by taking flying lessons and fiancée Angelina was caught on camera putting her pilot’s license to good use. But, as it turns out, flying is truly a family affair for the Jolie-Pitts: Brad also has a single-engine license and has taken helicopter lessons in the Czech Republic.

2. He Got Dumped by Christina Applegate
Yes, the actress from Married With Children ditched the “Sexiest Man Alive.” And it happened during a nationally-televised event, no less. In 1989, the two short-lived lovebirds attended the MTV Movie Awards together. But Applegate left Pitt at the ceremony, while she went home with someone else. Ouch.

3. His Child Is the First Infant Immortalized by Madame Tussauds
There have been tons of famous newborns but it wasn’t until the birth of Pitt and Angelina’s first child, Shiloh, that an infant was so renowned it warranted a spot in the famous wax museum. Papa Pitt must have been proud: That’s quite an accomplishment for an eight-week old.

4. He’s Banned from China
You’d think that the world is Pitt’s oyster, but China says the shuck stops here. Pitt’s name is on a blacklist that includes Harrison Ford and Richard Gere and bars him from entering the country. The People’s Republic wasn’t happy when Pitt played a real-life friend of the Dalai Lama in Seven Years in Tibet.

5. He Had a Recurring Role in Dallas
Long before he gained attention for his roll in the hay with Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise, Pitt was hitting the Southfork stables with Charlotte “Charlie” Wade. The 24-year-old actor capitalized on his boyish looks to play 16-year-old actress Shalene McCall’s boyfriend. During that time, the two dated briefly in real-life as well.

6. He Speaks Japanese
Sure, Hollywood celebs do commercials overseas, but Pitt has become a fixture on Japanese TV. Not only has “Brapi” (as the Japanese affectionately call him) done dozens of ads, he also makes regular appearances on shows — including a stint with Quentin Tarantino. As a result, Pitt’s been picking up the language. He admits he’s not fluent yet, but can at least deliver taglines convincingly — like in this ad directed by Wes Anderson.

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