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Munny (Unforgiven) vs. Dunn (Million Dollar Baby)? It Could Happen in a Clint Tournament

He’s got an audacious stance. He’s got a “Shoot first, ask questions later” attitude. That’s Clint Eastwood no matter what the movie is. Which makes it tough to predict who’d win should all of his characters face off in a rough-and-tumble cage match. Would it be the brutal Will Munny (Unforgiven), the tough-love coach Frankie Dunn (Million Dollar Baby), or maybe Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan (In the Line of Fire)? Frankly, they’re all tough as nails. Only you can decide who’s the victor as they pair off in a series of one-on-one matches leading to two serious semifinals and building to the grand finale of Eastwood versus Eastwood. Will the Man With No Name get the crown? Go ahead — make his day!


Tune in on Sat., Jan. 21, for AMC’s Crazy About Clint Eastwood, which kicks off with High Plains Drifter, at 2:30PM | 1:30C.


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