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Could Leonardo DiCaprio Dethrone Robert De Niro As the King of Scorsese’s Best Movies?

Is it possible that, after decades of being Martin Scorsese’s muse, Robert De Niro is being unseated by Leonardo DiCaprio as the star of the director’s best movies? According to AMC viewers’ votes on Scorsese’s best flicks, that may be the case. While De Niro stars in eight of Scorsese’s top twenty movies, DiCaprio stars in only three. But all of those three — The Departed, Gangs of New York, and The Aviator — are in the top ten. Plus DiCaprio’s Departed is hot on the heels of De Niro’s front-runner, Goodfellas, for the No. 1 spot. How ironic that De Niro is the one who gave DiCaprio his first big break, when he picked the 18-year-old out of 400 actors to star alongside him in This Boy’s Life. Nice work, Bobby. Maybe Scorsese could help settle this dilemma by reuniting these two great actors in a movie to take over the top spot. In the meantime, you can decide.

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