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Is There a Scarier Stephen King Movie Than The Shining? Only You Can Say

Since Carrie hit theaters, in 1976, Stephen King has been creeping out moviegoers big-time. But which horror flick is his best? According to an online Stephen King-movie poll, The Shining is the king of all his pics. Not surprising, with Jack Nicholson headlining and Stanley Kubrick at the helm! But if star power is key, what about Brian De Palma’s Carrie (which got Sissy Spacek an Oscar nod) or Rob Reiner’s Misery (which won Kathy Bates the gold statuette)? AMC viewers think the made-for-TV movie It is scarier than either of those. Are they right? Or is the rabid dog in Cujo proof that the underdog is always the best?


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