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5 Stars’ Younger Siblings on the Rise

If you want to be star, it’s best to have famous parents who can introduce you to agents really early, like when you’re still wearing diapers. Or you can just have a famous older sibling. Think: Redgrave, Richardson, Arquette, Fiennes, Phoenix.

We love star siblings. Maybe it’s because they still look like they worked hard to get a break. Or maybe it’s because they look like their hot sib, and, in our fame-entranced teenage heart-centers, we can still fantasize about dating one of them if the other gets married.

Sometimes the younger one starts overshadowing the older. Looking at the successful careers of actors like Jason Bateman and Jeff Bridges, it’s easy to forget that they have siblings who were, at a time, way more famous. You start wondering if the older one is really OK with it, and what their holidays at home are like: “Hey! So you won an Oscar … great! What am I doing? Uh, nothing, you leech!”
They are probably more gracious than that, but it’s definitely true that the younger ones get a leg up. An older sibling’s awkward first steps into the fame sphere can teach valuable lessons, like: Avoid a romantic detective comedy with your new fiancée, and don’t over-layer your daytime outfits for fear of looking bedraggled in paparazzi photos.
There’s a new crop of younger siblings on the market, and they’re threatening to seize the spotlight from their older siblings. For example …

Casey Affleck
Affleck’s ascent has been quiet and
steady. With his watery eyes and fragile features, he seems like a
more vulnerable version of his big brother. Casey (who costars
in Tower Heist) has proven himself to be a reliable actor in his own right with roles in Gerry, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Gone Baby Gone (not to mention a buzzed-about director for the bizarre Joaquin Phoenix “documentary” I’m Still Here.) But now it looks like he is about to enter marquee-name status, appearing next year as the angel Gabriel in Paradise Lost,
director Alex Proyas’s action-movie take on the Milton poem. (Bradley
Cooper plays Lucifer. Djimon Hounsou is Abdiel. The unintentional
homoeroticism factor is looking pretty high).

Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth_Olsen125.jpg

For her fantastic work in Martha Marcy May Marlene,
Elizabeth Olsen will probably win an Independent Spirit Award and get
an Oscar nom, too, because each year the Academy Awards loves to focus
the cameras on one new actress all flushed and nervous in her seat,
wearing a bare-shouldered but tasteful Marchesa gown. But no matter how
talented she is (and she is), it doesn’t hurt to have an older sibling
or two who partied with John Stamos and Anna Wintour.
Dave FrancoDave_Franco125.jpg
If there is one thing Dave Franco learned from his brother, it’s how to do something totally gay to get attention. His adolescent but sort of funny “You’re So Hot” video,
which went viral, rides that same winking line. He costarred with Emma
Roberts in Cults’ hip video for “Go Outside,” recently appeared in the Fright Night remake, and is in a slew of upcoming movies, including 21 Jump Street and Now You See Me, about magician/bank robbers. Weird, right? Just like his brother.
Ali LohanAli_Lohan125.jpg
only inevitable that Lindsay’s younger sister will tumble over her
stilettos into the fame game. After some TV appearances, she’s recently
been modeling and earning respect from high-fashion circles. (She’s also
looking suddenly very skinny
and model-like.) It remains to be seen whether she has her sister’s
acting talent. (Despite it all, Lindsay is an excellent actress. Letter
to Lindsay: Please get it together! We want to see you in movies!)
Elle FanningElle_Fanning125.jpg
is no better metaphor of the younger star sibling than Elle Fanning’s
first role. At 11 months old, she played an infant version of her sister
Dakota in I Am Sam. But with her roles in last summer’s Super 8 and in Sofia Coppola’s “Hey, I deserve an Oscar for hanging out at Chateau Marmont” film Somewhere,
she’s won praise of her own. The 13-year-old Fanning is next appearing
in what’s looking like the season’s crazy-crowded holiday audience
pleaser, We Bought a Zoo, as well as in Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt.
Sweet-looking and understated, it’s pretty clear the younger Fanning
must have learned something about public image from her sister. Unlike
Dakota, she hasn’t had to make the challenging transition from America’s
favorite little girl in frilly red-carpet outfits to an adult actress;
Elle has managed to mature into young adulthood with less
jarring effect.

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