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Video – American Haunters Showcases America’s Scariest Haunted House for AMC FEARFEST

As part of this year’s AMC FEARFEST, AMC is taking you behind the scenes to one of the country’s scariest and richly conceived haunted houses. With American Haunters, a series of thirteen mini-documentaries, macabre mastermind Kevin McCurdy reveals the magic that has made his haunted mansion a legend.


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Ep 1 – The Haunted Mansion

Ep. 2 – The Haunted Collector

Ep. 3 – Designing the Nightmare

Ep 4 – High-tech Effects

Ep. 5 – Scare Tactics

Ep. 6 – The Gothic Arcade

Ep. 7 – The Doll Room

Ep. 8 – The Frozen Family Room

Ep. 9 – The Steam-Punk Lab

Ep. 10 – Casting the Haunters

Ep. 11 – Testing the Terror

Ep. 12 – Midnight Madness

Ep. 13 – Opening Night

Check out AMC FEARFEST 2011 now through Mon., Oct. 31, to see classic horror flicks hosted by zombie-movie master George A. Romero. Click here for the full AMC FEARFEST 2011 schedule.

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