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Former Mobsters Henry Hill and Sam Giancana Share Their Favorite Mob Movies

As part of AMC Mob Week, former
mobsters Henry Hill and Sam Giancana aren’t just reminiscing about their lives in the family business. They’re also talking about their favorite mob movies. Hill, a Brooklyn native, told AMC that he ranks The Godfather and GoodFellas
among the best. (The latter is a no surprise given that GoodFellas is largely based on Hill’s own life.) But Hill’s tastes aren’t restricted to modern masterpieces. He also enjoys mob movies starring the big screen gangsters of an earlier era: James
Cagney (who made his name with Public Enemy and White Heat) and Humphrey Bogart (who emerged as a star in the gangster pic The Petrified Forest).

Fellow former mobster Sam Giancana admits he’s also a fan of the first two films in The Godfather trilogy then goes on to cite Casino, Donnie Brasco, and On the Waterfront among top picks. Less expected but also on his list is the mafia comedy Get Shorty. Check in later this week to read what mob-buster Mayor Rudolph Giuliani likes when it comes to mob pics.

Now that you know what the real-life gangsters like, does that change how you feel?
Rank your favorite mob movies here!

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