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Rocky, Rambo, Ralph Lauren – The Quintessential Eighties Fashions of Sylvester Stallone

This past spring, Sylvester Stallone announced he’d launch a fashion line based on the clothes he wore in Rocky and Rambo. That’s great, but we wish he’d cast a wider net — specifically, from 1980 to 1989, when Sly played everyone from a mobster to a teamster (and even a hipster too). He may have been wearing an Uzi instead of Gucci, but, really, it doesn’t matter — this stuff is cool enough to win a runway war. The looks Sly sported are in tune with today’s fashion. So if you want to look like Stallone, here’s a quick tutorial on how to recapture his greatest eighties looks, starting at the beginning of the decade.


Check out Stallone’s outfits during the Rocky-movie marathon starting Mon., Jul. 4, at 10:30AM | 9:30C.

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