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Titanic Made Box-Office Records – How Does It Rank Against Other Blockbusters, Qualitatively?

It makes sense that a film containing all the key ingredients for success — romance, action, and a great central story — would rank at the top of a list of the top blockbusters of all time. But does that box-office magic always translate into a fan favorite as time goes by? Gone With the Wind, which, when ticket prices are adjusted for inflation, should be number one, can fall to number six in terms of popularity, according to AMC viewers. Years later, how would you rate box-office behemoths like Titanic, Jaws, and The Poseidon Adventure (to speak only of nautical pics)? What is the best movie of yesteryear that was also hugely popular the year it came out? The time has come to decide: what is the best blockbuster ever?


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