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Photos – Suave Scarface, Dapper Don, Hippie Chic? The Daring Fashions of Al Pacino


Offscreen, nobody is going to mistake Al Pacino for Justin Timberlake, whose sartorial sense was inspiring enough to land him his own clothing line. But onscreen, Pacino wears looks that make you think he could launch a line of his own. It would be just edgy and weird enough to make it at Fashion Week. Hey, if skinny jeans can become the thing to wear, anything’s possible! Pacino’s first line could feature suits and overalls, solids and prints, bright colors and earth tones — and just about any shirt collar you can imagine. This look book sets Pacino against the backdrop of a catwalk. The revelation? He’s right at home.


Watch Al Pacino in “Premiere Event: The Recruit,” on Sat., Apr. 8, at 8PM | 7C.

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