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In a Tournament of Movie Detectives, Will Jodie Foster or Morgan Freeman Crack the Case?

When there’s a puzzle to solve, Hollywood offers sleuths and gumshoes galore. Detectives have to be sneaky: daring but principled, stylish but not over-the-top. These eight contenders deliver in a big way. There are purists, like Denzel Washington in Inside Man — he won’t take a bite of even the tastiest bait of corruption you might throw his way. Cut from a similar cloth is Morgan Freeman in Se7en, who investigates, with the highest virtue (patience), the field of deadly sins. Or how about Jodie Foster, who’s willing to go a little bit crazy to get inside the head of a madman in The Silence of the Lambs? You get the picture. Now it’s time to decide: which detective would you trust to sniff out a mystery?


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