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Speed, Die Hard, The Rock – Which Movie’s Hostage Scenario Holds You Captive?

Think about it. The hostage situation is the perfect storm of excitement: Will the bad guy get away? Will a hostage rise up and overthrow the captor? Will all the captives escape with their lives? So much can go wrong; so much can go right. Maybe, as in Die Hard, one hero (Bruce Willis) will rescue the hostages, one by one. Maybe, as in Speed, the villain (Dennis Hopper) will toy with his victims through a twisted game. Who’ll come out on top? You just don’t know. And that’s the whole point! So which movie hostage crisis gets your heart racing the fastest? Here are ten to consider.


Check out Speed‘s hostage scenario during AMC Can’t Get Enough Speed, tonight Mon., Mar. 21 at 8PM | 7C and 10:30PM | 9:30C.

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