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T ‘n’ T2 – Is Schwarzenegger’s Evil Terminator Better Than His Heroic One?

Who’s more intimidating than the Terminator? No one. But with four movies and even more Terminator robots in the franchise, the real question becomes, Which Terminator is the best? The answer is a robot played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which leads to the age-old debate: is the evil T-800 Terminator from The Terminator the greatest Terminator? Or is the good T-800 Terminator from Terminator 2? Sure, they’re both played by the Governator, but one robot must reign supreme. Which one is it? Here’s the breakdown.

Who’s Got the Better Catchphrases?
Arnold’s evil Terminator has a doozy of a catchphrase in the first flick that, on its own, nearly tilts the category in his direction: “I’ll be back.” The phrase became Arnold’s signature. But the sequel packs nearly every scene with memorable, oft-repeated quips from the good Terminator: “I need a vacation,” “He’ll live,” and the immortal “Hasta la vista, baby.”
Winner: Good Terminator

Who Is the More Efficient Killing Machine?
This one’s easy: in Terminator 2, he promises John Connor (Edward Furlong) he won’t kill. Though destruction and mayhem looms larger in the big-budget sequel, the overall body count is far lower than the original: only fourteen people are killed in the sequel (and only one by Arnold’s good robot). Forty-two bite the dust in the original, with an incredible twenty-nine done in by the evil Terminator. No contest.
Winner: Evil Terminator

Who Had the Better Death Scene?
Both Terminators bite the dust memorably. In the sequel, Schwarzenegger nobly melts himself into slag to protect the future. But the original boasts an extraordinarily awesome kill scene, as the evil Terminator is repeatedly pummeled by machinery. It really comes down to whether you like seeing the villain violently destroyed or an emotional good-bye to the hero. So this one ends in a…
Winner: Tie

Who Kicks Their Butts?
Or has either Terminator gotten beat up by a girl? Well, a type of girl. In Terminator 2, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is buff, rough, and tough. So if she beats you up, fine. But in the first movie, Arnie’s efficient, inescapable killing machine gets owned by a pregnant lady. Not the most glamorous end for a cyborg assassin, against the sequel’s epic fight with the unstoppable T-1000 (Robert Patrick). To answer the question posed up top, the evil Terminator got spanked by a pregnant waitress. The good Terminator did not.
Winner: Good Terminator

Who’s Got Bigger Guns?
No, not muscles — the bang-bang kind. And while the first film finds the evil Terminator stocking up with multiple handguns, shotguns, and rifles before hunting down Sarah Connor, the good Terminator has a veritable arsenal, including the gigantic MM-1 grenade launcher and the GE M134 mini-gun — a weapon so huge that it’s usually bolted onto a vehicle.
Winner: Good Terminator

Final Score: In a knock-down, drag-out fight, the good Terminator wins in a 3-1 landslide. No disrespect to Arnold’s evil Terminator, but you know Arnie’s a natural good guy. Feel differently? Then vote for your favorite Terminator below.

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