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Who Should Join Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder’s Superman Reboot? Let’s Break Down the Casting Rumors

Now that Henry Cavill (The Tudors) has been officially cast as Superman in Zack Snyder’s 2012 reboot, rumors about who else will join the film are flying faster than a (forgive me) speeding bullet. Snyder has already confirmed that his Superman (reportedly titled Superman: Man of Steel) will be a more “physical” take on the son of Jor-El. (In fanboy lingo that means more villains and more punching.) So who will join Cavill in Superman: Man of Steel? Let’s take a look at some of the casting rumors and start a few of our own.

lindsay_lohan-125.jpgLois Lane
The blogosphere is currently buzzing about who will play Superman’s lady love. Alice Eve, Kristen Stewart, Diane Kruger, and Rosamund Pike have all reportedly tested for an undisclosed female role. (If not Lois, who could it be? Lana Lang? Lori Lemaris? The “Superman” comics sure do love alliteration.) And then there’s the hilarious rumor that Lindsay Lohan (again with the double “l”) is being considered for Lois. My pick: Rachel McAdams. She’s sharp, gorgeous, and has gone brunette for past roles.

Early reports have Eve, Kruger, and Pike up for the role of the sultry villainess Ursa. Will we see the return of Ursa, Zod, and Non, the Negative Zone baddies who duked it out with the Man of Steel in Superman II? Right now, it’s too early to say. Rumors also peg the blonde actresses as possible casting choices for Daily Planet reporter (and possible rival for Clark’s affections) Cat Grant. Inglourious Basterds star Kruger would be a great Ursa, but so far she’s denying casting rumors. Noomi Rapace, star of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the upcoming Alien prequel, would be perfect for Ursa and could lend Snyder’s film some edge.

danlauria-125.jpgPerry White
Gruff Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White has never achieved the cinematic heights of his blustery Marvel counterpart, “Spider-Man”‘s J. Jonah Jameson. Jackie Cooper ably played White in the Christopher Reeve movies, but Frank Langella basically sleepwalked through the part in Superman Returns. (It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Hugh Laurie, the original choice for the role.) My pick: Wonder Years dad and Lombardi star Dan Lauria. I defy anyone to watch even five minutes of Lauria barking at Kevin Arnold and tell me he’s not born to play Perry White.

Seth-Green-125.jpgJimmy Olsen
While Olsen has yet to be confirmed for the reboot, it’s likely that he’ll pop up in Daily Planet scenes. Will he also act as Superman’s sidekick? There are tons of great (and seriously wacky) Jimmy Olsen stories that cast the bumbling photog as a hero in his own right. We hope Superman’s pal will get to do more than take photos and quip one-liners in this new franchise. My casting pick: Seth Green. He’s a redhead and could bring the right amount of levity to the film. (Superman can be a bit on the mopey side, and after Superman Returns we could all use a laugh.)

Fans have been waiting to see Superman’s alien-robot rival on the big screen for decades, and rumor has it he’s a possible villain for the reboot. Brainiac was the chief villain in the proposed films Superman Reborn and Superman Lives, but neither project got off the ground. Perhaps it was for the best — Brainiac would’ve looked pretty silly back in the nineties. Now that special effects have caught up with comic-book art, Snyder and company can give us a sleek, menacing Brainiac. My pick to play Brainiac is a long shot but one that fans of The Venture Bros. will love: Dr. Venture himself, James Urbaniak. He’s already got the creepy robotic delivery nailed.

timothy-olyphant-125.jpgLex Luthor
As the chief villain in nearly every Superman movie (the less said about Robert Vaughn’s generic evil billionaire from Superman III, the better), it’s a good bet that Luthor will show up at some point in the reboot. While fans are hoping that Snyder gives Luthor a rest in favor of another villain, it would be neat to see Superman’s arch-rival teaming up with other baddies. Luthor’s best when he’s running things behind the scenes, so casting an actor who can convey intelligence and subtle menace is key. Kevin Spacey was a strong Luthor, but Snyder isn’t likely to bring anyone back from Superman Returns. Justified star Timothy Olyphant — one of the most intense actors working today — is my choice for Luthor. Plus he went bald for the video-game flick Hitman.

zod-125.jpgGeneral Zod
With Snyder taking a more action-oriented approach, it’s safe to say the Man of Steel will be facing off against a villain who can match him blow for blow. And with the script reportedly focusing on Clark Kent’s early days, we probably won’t see Doomsday. (He can kill Superman in the sequel.) The common thinking is that Snyder will bring in General “Kneel Before” Zod from Superman II (you can’t have Ursa without Zod), a character who is both tied to Superman’s origins and a fan favorite. So who should play him? While the casting rumor mill is currently quiet, I’m throwing Ralph Fiennes into the ring. He’s a commanding presence and will probably be looking for another villain role now that Harry Potter is wrapping up. (Bonus points for bringing in the original Zod, Terence Stamp, as his father.)

Do you have any predictions? Chime in below.

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