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Back to the Future Infomercial Peddles Doc’s Flux Capacitor


Who hasn’t watched the Back to the Future trilogy and thought that the flux capacitor — which allows Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) to travel through time — would make a pretty handy gadget to have around the house? But would you pay for one? Or pay $19.99 — plus shipping and handling — to be exact? In a new video, AMC wonders what Back to the Future would be like as an infomercial. With the expert salesmanship of the infomercial, could you be persuaded to buy a flux capacitor for just $19.99 (the cost of any infomercial item)? Find out for yourself by watching the infomercial, and see if it has you reaching for your phone to get a flux capacitor of your very own.


The entire Back to the Future trilogy airs tonight starting at 8PM | 7C on AMC.

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