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Photos – The Many Faces of Santa in the Movies

Who is Santa? A jolly old fat man with a snow-white beard? In our photo gallery recounting famous film Santas, we remind you just how varied Hollywood’s interpretations of Saint Nick have been. Sometimes he comes bearing gifts — but other times he’s bearing something else. In the movies, Santa might bring nothing more than good cheer and hope to the world’s children (Miracle on 34th Street), but he could also be packing a knife with which he plans on killing anyone in his path (Silent Night, Deadly Night). Other times, Saint Nick is a goofy weirdo (Ernest Saves Christmas), embroiled in a silly sibling rivalry that distracts him from his work (Fred Claus), or thrust into the role of Santa through no desire of his own (The Santa Clause). You just don’t know what kind of Santa you’re going to get.


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