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Underrated Tough Guy Patrick Swayze Finds His Characters From Road House and Point Break Locked in Battle

If you’re still not over the loss of Patrick Swayze, you’re not alone. The guy brought serious charisma to the screen with his classic tough-guy roles, characters who, no matter how hard their exteriors, always have soft sides. These guys do things like dance (Dirty Dancing), make pottery (Ghost), cry (Red Dawn), and befriend Keanu Reeves (Point Break) without losing a bit of credibility. That’s why he can only be pitted against himself for an all-out Swayze-on-Swayze tough-guy showdown. He’s great in a fight (The Outsiders, Road House), loyal as a protector (Dirty Dancing, Ghost), and charming enough to pull off a conniving surfer (Point Break). So which Swayze do you want to have have your back in a throw down? Vote to decide which Swayze deserves the toughness trophy.


Watch Swayze in Road House on Wed., Dec. 8, at 8PM | 7C.

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