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Opening Night – James Franco Is Not Your Typical Action Hero in 127 Hours

In the new Danny Boyle-directed film 127 Hours, which is based on a true story, outdoorsman Aron Ralston (portrayed in the film by actor James Franco) falls into a deep crevice in the Utah desert, and his right arm becomes pinned under a boulder. For the next 127 hours (over five days), Ralston tries to figure out a way to escape while time ticks forward toward the end of his water supply, the end of his sanity, and the end of his life.

For most of the film Franco remains in the same stationary space — trapped under a large rock — as he tries to free himself using items and tools in his backpack. On paper 127 Hours wouldn’t immediately be considered an action film, one that could join the ranks of Die Hard, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, or this summer’s Expendables. But Boyle believes this film is an action film, telling AMC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff that it’s an atypical action flick, one “where the hero can’t move.”

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